Why us ?

The ‘SUPPORT Foundation’ functions to support micro and small NGOs working at the grassroots.

We are aware that a multitude of trusts and foundations are engaged in similar endeavours, and have expanded to become prominent, visible and well advertised. We acknowledge the good work done by them. However, we also note that often a large part of the funds are spent in collection and administration, and this takes away from the main cause not being impacted in the way that the donors will want to be effective. 

‘SUPPORT Foundation’ focuses on effective use of funds. 
Its offices are located in the residences of its Trustees. The Trustees, apart from their personal contributions to the Trust, devote their time to serve the cause of the Foundation on voluntary basis. The Trustees are proficient professionals of multi-disciplinary skills, with experience in working in the Indian development sector, or volunteering action through non-profit organisations; others bring strong management experience and expertise in allied fields.

Beneficiary NGOs are registered with the Trust after screening by personal visits by one or more Trustees. This includes on-site assessment of their work and projects, beneficiary results, checking credentials and establishing efficacy. The report of their findings and recommendations are forwarded to the Board of Trustees and decisions on funding are taken without delay, for the type and quantum of support. Disbursement of assistance is followed by regular monitoring to ensure proper utilisation of funds and progress on milestones.

Our Goal

The main goal for our Trust is to help sustain grass-root level work that brings lasting change to the daily lives of marginalised communities and to provide models for development that are rooted in community action and address the bottom of the pyramid. In our endeavour we provide a transparent platform between donors and needy micro and small NGOs which otherwise struggle through existing government and/or private foundation fund raising. We also work diligently to ensure that donor contributions are put to effective use.